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Too many news outlets are geared toward older audiences. Social media feeds are full of one-sided and false information.

Zivvy is a news publication focused on delivering non-biased, fact-based, credible news to curious audiences on the issues and topics that are shaping our future.

We want to help you understand the full story, including perspectives that may be different from your own, and encourage you to keep on asking questions about the world around you.

Our mission is to inform, engage and empower the next generation of leaders through credible, accessible news that speaks to Gen Z.

We believe that if young people are expected to be the future, they should be a piece of the puzzle and not a partisan talking point.

Zivvy comes from the term Zivilcourage, which means moral courage and individual bravery. We encourage you to stay curious, ask questions, have conversations with people who don't think the same way as you, and be defiant.

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