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An app for free vacations… or sex trafficking?

FlyMeOut connects travelers with hosts that fund their trips. Is it a luxurious way to see the world on a budget or more like an escort service?

Would you let a wealthy stranger fly you out to an all-expenses-paid vacation? And would you feel you owed that stranger something in return? The new app FlyMeOut is sparking a lot of conversations.

Billed as an “exclusive, invite-only travel platform,” members list their dream destinations and apply to join hosts who pay for group vacation trips.

FlyMeOut calls it a way to “Find your tribe and see the globe” - a way to meet new people while seeing the world 

But from the chatter online, it seems the “hosts” are mostly men wanting to travel and party with pretty young women. 

Which is why critics are raising red flags about potential safety and ethical concerns  - claiming Fly Me Out is less of an opportunity for travel experiences and more of an escort service.

FlyMeOut explicitly says it’s not a dating app and has strict community guidelines in place against people seeking sexual encounters. 

So, what do you think?


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